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Harrogate Chamber's Business Safari

22 Mar 2016 by Members Focus Group

Business Networking Safaris are usually held three times each year and are free of charge for one representative from each member company. (A second representative can attend at an extra charge of £15.) 

The Business Networking Safari is one of the few members' only events in the calendar.

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How it works

  • On arrival you will be issued with a name badge and each Company will be allocated a specific place number for the evening.
    (Companies with two representatives should “hunt” in pairs for the evening! )

  • Members sit at the first table indicated by the code letters printed on a "Game Plan" given on arrival.

    A member of the Chamber Management Group will host each table and also act as timekeeper, ensuring that each member has a fair share of the time available for each round.

  • Members will take it in turn to introduce themselves and their business to the other members at their table - for “just a minute” - with no hesitation, deviation or repetition!(Table leaders will decide who speaks first.)  

  • We suggest you explain the products or services you offer, say how old the business is, how large it is, where it is, your position in it, your main target customer groups & geographical areas and then how you promote it.

  • After each person at the table has introduced themselves, the subsequent discussion may be based on the theme allocated to that table led by the Table Host. (You can follow up new contacts in the bar afterwards!)

  • A notepad is provided for every participant to jot down their suggestions and pass them across to the members concerned or to the host.Bring business cards and any simple literature to give to anyone interested.

  • When the bell rings it is “ALL CHANGE” and everyone should move promptly to their next allocated table to meet a new group of members, who will no doubt have more good ideas for your business.

  • In theory you will not sit down with the same person twice, so you should be able to exchange many new sales leads and new ideas for promoting more business in the Harrogate area with everyone present.