Benefits of Membership

Helping You Grow Your Business

Benefits of Membership

Members of Harrogate District Chamber of Commerce enjoy numerous benefits that help them to grow and develop their businesses.


During these unprecedented times we are holding all out meetings via Zoom. The log in details are provided via our newsletter or contact to take part.

Every month, meetings are held for all members and any guests who want to join us. Each meeting has a topic relevant to local businesses, such as tourism, traffic, or the economy. Guest speakers are invited to share their expertise and knowledge with the audience, who can also ask questions. At each meeting, there is time for members to announce their latest news, events and special offers.

The meetings begin with networking in Harrogate's popular hotels and other venues. Attendance is typically between 70 and 100, with some meetings attracting even larger audiences when the topic is particularly interesting or the speakers very high profile. Guests are welcome to join us free at one meeting, and at subsequent meetings for £10 – or sign up and take part in all our monthly meetings throughout the year. For details about monthly meetings and locations, click here.

As well as the nine monthly meetings each year, there are three meetings specifically for networking. Two are known as Safaris, which are effectively speed networking events: the business owners in the room all meet each other, give a brief introduction to their businesses and promote their latest news, services and offers.For more information, click here.

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Chamber membership offers business growth opportunities.

The News Letter

Business Review, our monthly newsletter,  is sent out to hundreds of local business people, sharing relevant news with the business community and promoting upcoming meetings. There are also opportunities for members and non-members to promote their own events and offers in the newsletter – click here to read past issues.


  • Membership directory - Being part of Harrogate District Chamber's official membership directory will help to increase your reach. Every member gets a whole page to themselves and can use it to promote their business to other members and to the wider public. You can log in and update your page, as necessary. We encourage our members to use the directory to support each other before looking outside the district for products and services.
  • Blog - Members can contribute to the blog to share their latest news, or views on a topic of interest. This will also help to boost your online presence and increase your reach. The blog is used by the chamber to keep members and the wider business community informed about what is happening in the Harrogate district. 

The Voice of Business - lobbying

Harrogate District Chamber has a long track record of acting on behalf of its members to bring about improvements for the business community.

  • When a cycling event was organised in Harrogate and road closure signs put up declaring “town centre closed”, we were the first to object and point out the damage this could do to local shops and restaurants.
  • We have also campaigned for improved rail services linking Harrogate to Leeds and York, as well as the rest of the UK. As a result, the frequency of trains between Harrogate and Leeds at peak times has been doubled, while the direct train link to and from London has not only been reinstated but also increased to a promised seven return journeys per day.

As well as lobbying at the highest level for major changes, we support businesses facing problems in their day-to-day operations:

  • helped to get icy roads gritted
  • campaigned against increases in parking charges
  • supported the fundraising drive to significantly improve the Christmas lights in Harrogate to attract more visitors.
  • met with representatives of the local authority to raise concerns and seek assurances that road works would be complete before major events took place. The roads were cleared before Harrogate Christmas Market opened, avoiding gridlock around town.

We believe that working together gives us a much stronger voice at all levels. No matter what problems your business faces, it’s likely there are others in the same position – and Harrogate District Chamber is the perfect place to find the support you need.

How can I raise a concern or ask for help?

If there is an issue affecting your business that requires attention, Harrogate Chamber is here to help. The first step is to complete the form below with the full details. We’ll then find the right person to answer your query, whether that’s a representative from Harrogate Borough Council, North Yorkshire County Council, a transport provider, our MP, or elsewhere.

We’ll establish contact between you and a key person to help resolve the problem directly. If it’s something that would benefit other businesses, we’ll report the results in our monthly newsletter and at our next meeting.

What about bigger issues?

If you have a major concern affecting your business, other local businesses will probably be in the same boat. If we find your issue is raised by several people, or we think it may be useful to our members to hear more about it, we will invite the authority involved to speak at an upcoming meeting.

As well as hearing their side, this is a chance for you and others to put your views directly to the person in charge. We have strong links to local authorities, transport operators, and others, and regularly welcome them to our meetings. They’re always keen to hear from the business community and to work with us to improve the business environment for local companies as much as possible.

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The Chamber lobbied for an improved rail service to Kings Cross

What next?

If you have an issue you’d like us to help with, complete the form below or email

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