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Welcome to this Questionnaire about use of the Stray in Harrogate

Harrogate Borough Council is proposing to amend the Stray Act, to allow the Stray to be used for more events in future. You may like to find out more on the council website - click here - or take part in the official consultation by clicking here.

As a business organisation in Harrogate, we know many of our members will be affected by these proposals, as well as by the way the Stray is already used for public events. We would like to know your views so we can continue to represent all our members and ensure their voices are heard.

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Harrogate Council proposes amending the Stray Act to allow more events to take place

1. Is your business based in Harrogate town centre?

2. What sector is your business in?

3. Did your business feel any effects (positive or negative) from the StrEat Food Festival in Valley Gardens? Please give details.

4. Do you think the Valley Gardens is a suitable venue for events such as this?

5. Please explain why.

6. There have been several other events in Harrogate in recent years, using public land including the Stray and the Valley Gardens, including the Tour de France, Big Bike Bash, and Harrogate Christmas Market. Have you attended any of them?

7. What is your opinion of these events as a Harrogate business owner?

8. Harrogate Borough Council is consulting on amending the Stray Act to allow more events to take place. Would you support this proposal?

9. Please explain why.

10. Any other comments about outdoor events and use of public space in Harrogate?

Your Email:

You will need to give your business email address in order to take part, but all results will be received anonymously and will be used to compile an overall picture of views among members. 

Only members of Harrogate District Chamber may take part in this questionnaire. 

Vicky Carr
of The Content Market

"Membership of Harrogate Chamber has helped my business significantly. As well as meeting new clients, I have had numerous valuable referrals from other members that have helped me to grow my business and develop my services. I also benefit from getting the latest information about business developments in the area, enabling me to make decisions accordingly. Membership is also much more affordable than many other organisations, making it exceptional value for a growing business."